Supplier: Briggs

Code: 4114

SECURITYLINE Black Non – Metallic Safety Boot


  • Style Number 4114 (RHONE)
  • European Standard EN ISO 20345
  • Rating Standard S1P
  • Safety Features 200 Joule toecap protection;
  • Closed seat region (fully enclosed heel);
  • Energy absorption of seat region;
  • Penetration resistance offered by a steel or composite midsole : 1100 Newtons;
  • AntiStatic; Oil Resistant;
  • Midsole Composite;
  • Heat Resistance to 200 Degrees C
  • Slip Resistance Rating SRC – Outsole Slip Resistance BS EN ISO 20344:2004/A1:2007 (5.18);
  • Tested on Ceramic Tile/Sodium Lauryl – Heel part 0.28;
  • Flat Contact 0.32;
  • ested on Steel Floor/Glycerol – Heel Part 0.13; Flat Contact 0.18.
  • Size Range 3-13


From: £27.95 No VAT
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